Environmental declaration

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is one of the essential factors when defining Saggas activities. As evidence of our commitment to the environment, the environmental management of the plant is certified under the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard and is registered in the Valencian Community Register of Centres with Environmental Management Systems, in accordance with the EMAS Community Regulation. Every year, we submit our environmental and energy management to an audit process, we prepare our Environmental Declaration and we submit this for verification by accredited entities, in accordance with EMAS standards.
In 2018, Saggas celebrated 10 consecutive years elaborating its Environmental Declaration and obtaining verification by AENOR, which consolidates its commitment to the environment.

Saggas’ environmental commitment

  • Full compliance with international, national, regional and local environmental legislation.
  • Collaboration with Public Administrations in the search for solutions to environmental problems.
  • The incorporation of management criteria, leadership and production committed to the environment to avoid any risk of environmental contamination or to minimise its effects.
  • Implementation of systems for good environmental practice.
  • The promotion of information, education and environmental training for our employees and for society in general.

Environmental indicators 2018


The industrial waste generated by Saggas is mostly associated with the maintenance of facilities and equipment. At Saggas we have set ourselves the goal of recycling and recovering all waste wherever possible.

“Recycle, recover and valorise.”


84% Valorised

11,4 t

industrial waste


74% Valorised

6,83 t

industrial waste

Water consumption

At Saggas, we do not use mains water in our production processes. The plant uses seawater in the vaporisers, which is then returned to the sea in its original state. Fresh water is used for sanitary purposes, such as irrigation and to supply firefighting equipment.

880 m3 drinking water

8.381 m3 water for services

Power consumptions

At Saggas we carry out rigorous checks on the energy management at the plant. Our energy consumption is mainly sourced from our natural gas and from electricity.

25.500 MWh electric energy

356 MWh natural gas

Consumption of additives for operation

We use auxiliary production in our processes. These are required for the correct operation of the plant.

1 t THT0%

56 t Sodium Bisulphite0%

1.417 t Nitrogen0%