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Operating Codes

We have Operating Codes that establish the guidelines that govern the ethical behavior of our professional team in their daily performance.

External Whistleblower Channel

We develop a culture of compliance that encourages observance and respect for the law and ethical commitments, providing the organization with resources and tools, and monitoring and acting in risk prevention.

We have a Criminal Risk Prevention Manual that details the fundamental aspects of the management and prevention of crimes in the organization, and whose principles and values ​​are applicable to all legal representatives, managers and employees of Saggas.

The employee or third party who has signs or suspicions of the commission of a crime or of the violation of the principles and values ​​recognized in the Operating Codes and the System Policy, must make it clear to the Ethics and Compliance Committee, which will ensure the maximum confidentiality of the identity of the person reporting the fact.

To send this communication or complaint, the email address has been enabled. It can also be sent by post to Saggas. Ethics and Compliance Committee. PO Box 136, 46520 Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia).