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Saggas, regasification plant

The Saggas company owns the regasification plant located in the port of Sagunto, a key part of the Spanish energy sector infrastructure. We provide greater security and efficiency to the national gas system by diversifying the natural gas entry points and placing ourselves close to the final consumption points. Our proximity to the main producing countries in Africa and the Middle East means that our Sagunto plant is strategically located.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) arrives at our facilities by methane tanker; we change the liquid to a gas and place it into the basic network of gas pipelines. In addition, we reload LNG in ships and tankers. All processes use state-of-the-art technologies and are carried out under the strictest safety and quality controls.

Contribution to the gas system (2020)



Percentage of capacity to cover national demand



Percentage of the regasification capacity installed in the gas system



Percentage of total tons handled in the port of Sagunto


V.C. demand

Percentage of the demand for natural gas in the Valencian Community

“We provide greater security and efficiency to the national gas system”