Voluntary compensation

Compensation of gas emissions

According to Saggas’ environmental commitment, which is framed in the Carbon Strategic Plan, we are carrying out voluntary carbon offsetting from diffuse sectors, casused by the consumption of fuel in machinery, waste management, travel and refrigerant gases.

Currently, the compensation is being carried out with respect to greenhouse gas emissions corresponding to the 2018-2020 period, with carbon credits arising from Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects registered in the United Nations (UNFCCC). The Clean Development Mechanism projects help local communities in developing countries by creating opportunities for sustainable development, creating jobs and increasing economic activity, improving air quality and favouring the transfer of technology. From these projects you can also obtain credits which can be exchanged or sold.

The choice of the projects in which Saggas has participated purchasing credits and offsetting emissions, has been submitted to the participation of the plant employees and are the following:


Growth of the use of high-efficiency lighting technology by the residential sector of this country in order to reduce electricity consumption, allowing access to electricity in a more sustainable way.


Building new higher energy efficient kilns in order to reduce emissions in the brick-making process all over the country.