Voluntary compensation

Compensation of gas emissions

In line with our environmental commitment, defined in the Strategic Carbon Plan, at Saggas we are carrying out compensation of greenhouse gas emissions from various sectors, arising from the consumption of fuels in machinery, displacements, and refrigerant gases.

Currently, the compensation is being carried out with respect to greenhouse gas emissions corresponding to the 2014-2017 period, with carbon credits arising from Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects registered in the United Nations (UNFCCC). The Clean Development Mechanism projects help local communities in developing countries by creating opportunities for sustainable development, creating jobs and increasing economic activity, improving air quality and favouring the transfer of technology. From these projects you can also obtain credits which can be exchanged or sold. Saggas employees have participated in the choice of projects.

The choice of projects in which Saggas has participated with the purchase and compensation of emissions has been chosen by their employees and are as follows:


The installation of modern new biomass and natural gas boilers in buildings in Moldova; improvement of heating system efficiency through adequate insulation of hot water pipes and building cladding; and replacement of windows and doors.


An increase in the number of solar home systems (SHS) within households in rural areas of Bangladesh without access to the electricity grid.


The installation of biogas units in households in rural areas of Nepal to achieve the reduction of GHG emissions by replacing conventional fuels.