Voluntary compensation

Compensation through reforestation

In line with our environmental commitment, within the Strategic Carbon Plan, at Saggas we have offset the 2021 carbon footprint, around 500 tCO2e, through the promotion of a reforestation project of 2.27 Ha of Monte de Utilidad Público in Ejulve, Teruel, which was affected by a fire in 2009. The offset tons include the entire carbon footprint of the plant in scope 1 and part of scope 3, which includes transportation from home to work, as well as travel for work reasons of Saggas employees.

The Teruel absorption project will have a 50-year duration and will have around 1,362 trees of native species such as Quercus ilex ssp ballota, Quercus faginea, Pinus nigra ssp salzmannii, Pinus sylvestris, Prunus mahaleb, Prunus spinosa, Populus nigra, Crataegus monogyna, Sorbus aria, Sorbus domestica, Celtis australis, Amelanchier ovalis, Acer monspessulanum, Corylus avellana.