Our purpose


Saggas’ mission is to ensure the supply of natural gas by managing infrastructures in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner, and to put its knowledge and experience at the service of third parties to create value for shareholders and society.


Saggas’ vision focuses on being a benchmark within our sector, being recognized for excellence in the quality of our service, our ability to adapt to customer needs, and for efficiency, safety and sustainability when carrying out our work.


Saggas’ corporate values ​​are those that distinguish us and guide the behavior of the company and our professionals:

Safety first

We ensure compliance with the highest safety standards for people in all our procedures.

Maximum efficiency

Our processes and operations are oriented to achieve maximum efficiency, making continuous improvements as the driving force to move forward.

Devoted to the quality of the service

We strive to offer a high quality service, always seeking the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Deep environmental sensitivity

We are committed to sustainable development and progressive decarbonization of the energy sector.

We look after our own

We pride ourselves on our local roots and we contribute to enriching our immediate surroundings.