Our professionals

The people who work at Saggas are our most valuable asset. The operation of our regasification plant is possible thanks to a workforce which is notable for its qualification and commitment. This fact translates into a very stable staff who is committed to the company strategy and its values.

At Saggas we take the contribution of our professionals to the creation of value and the achievement of the company’s objectives into account, and we maintain constant professional training that allows our staff to be permanently updated in accordance to the evolution of the sector.

Equality Plan

At Saggas we have an Equality Plan whose main objective is to guarantee due respect for the principle of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men within the company, by eliminating any type of discrimination against women in the field employment, and the promotion of equality between both genders.

This plan guarantees transparency and equity in the processes of access to employment, job stability, equal pay for jobs of equal value, professional training and promotion, and a work environment free of sexual or gender-based harassment.

To achieve these goals, our Equality Plan contains specific measures in the following areas:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: culture and goals of the organization
  • Selection and hiring process
  • Professional classification
  • Training
  • Professional promotion
  • Working conditions and occupational health
  • Conciliation: co-responsible exercise of the rights of personal, family and work life
  • Female underrepresentation
  • Remuneration, including salary audit
  • Prevention of sexual harassment based on gender
  • Internal and external communication. Image and language


For the purposes of prioritizing and specifying in time the order in the application of the different actions provided for in the Plan, together with each measure of the Equality Plan, the calendar corresponding to the actions for its implementation is included. The monitoring and evaluation of the Plan’s measures is carried out on an annual basis by the Evaluation and Monitoring Commission.