Selected the winning drawing of the Christmas card contest

Saggas has selected the winning drawing of his traditional Christmas card contest. The initiative, which forms part of the plant’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, has been organized for yet another year in collaboration with the San Cristóbal de Sagunto Occupational Center.

In a vote among Saggas employees, the winning drawing was the work of Mª Pilar Cañada Giménez, while finalists were the proposals of Mª Amparo García Igualada, Manuel Sánchez Burgalés, Rosana Arroyo Alepuz and Tomás Martínez Brigido.

As usual, to thank the users of the center for their participation in this contest, Saggas has organized an outing to the Canet d’en Berenguer bowling alley, where the winner of the contest was presented with the diploma.

The San Cristóbal Occupational Center of Sagunto (Valencia) cares for people with mental disabilities in the Camp de Morvedre region, with different levels of intelligence, personal autonomy, social autonomy, and manipulative capacity. In the center, various work tasks and workshops are carried out whose aim is to prepare the person with a disability to face the demands of daily life and work.